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Driving tips from experts, trip planning advice, the use of GPS and automated mapping, and other "along the way" ideas and tips.

Internet Connections While RVing

It hasn't been many years since I was tickled pink to find a pay phone where I could, if I was very lucky, hold an acoustic coupler tightly to the mouthpiece and pick up my email.

If I was even luckier, I might find a dial-up connection in a campground where I could actually get on line and "surf" for  the 10 or 15 minute period that was allowed before turning the connection over to the next camper in line.  And there was always a line.

It's different today.  I can sit comfortably in my motorhome, connected to any of several choices, and surf to my heart's content.

The challenge now is deciding which connection to choose.

Surfing speed is important to me, so I put some effort into collecting "real world" speeds from actual users and put them into a table for comparison.

Internet Connection Speeds

A lot of RVers, and I was one of them, are under the impression that a "satellite system" will provide internet speeds to compare with a "ground based" broadband system.

 As proved by some (informal) studies I did, that's not true at all.  After recording numerous reports from many different users, I concluded that the average speed of most satellite systems compares with a Sprint or Verizon air card, and is usually less than half the speed of a "ground based" broadband system.

Read the story here.

RV Driving Ė Different Not Difficult

If you're an experienced car driver, you already have the skills necessary to drive an RV. RVs donít require a commercial driverís license for personal use. The automatic transmission, power brakes and steering you're accustomed to are standard features on most RVs.

Read the story here.

Dick Reed's RV Driving School

 Two day driving course

What will be covered in the two day driving course


1. Proper use of mirrors in relation to driving and backing.
2. Turning and cornering both left and right.
3. Proper use of engine, gears, and brakes.
4. Proper procedure in starting and stopping your unit.
5. Defensive Driving.
6. Lane control and proper procedures to change lanes.
7. Introduction to backing.
8. Judging height and width.
9. Hook up and disconnect of the tow unit.


1. Review of 1st day's topics.
2. Defensive Driving.
3. Freeway on and off ramps.
4. Narrow single lane roads and lane control.
5. Hills and how to go up and come down properly.
6. Backing and how to become proficient.
7. Campground Maneuvering and what to watch for.
8. Review of the students unit.

Read the article here:

Tom and Stephanie Gonser report on The RV Driving School

Early in our planning for our "Year on the Road" we concluded that not only finding "the right rig for us" would enhance the experience, but also ensuring that we knew how to operate a new, larger rig competently and safely. We'd had an earlier brief exposure to some of the professional drivers who comprise The RV Driving School, headquartered in Ontario, California, and had just enough interaction with them to appreciate there still was much we could learn about driving -- particularly the new diesel pusher we'd be acquiring. We've taken editorial positions which support more driver training for RVers, and now it was going to be our turn to be on the receiving end of it.

Read the story here.


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