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RV Care

This section contains links that I've found useful, or that have been recommended by fellow RVers.

It also contains a collection of tips, ideas, and articles from other RVers telling how they solved a particular RV care project.

Basic RV Maintenance

RV Tech Gurus

Reports from RVers

Inside the House

Hints and Tips for keeping the interior of your RV in ship shape

Your home vacuum cleaner is probably too big and bulky to take along, so you may want to look into replacing it with a portable, or even a shop vac.

A lot of RVers swear by Dirt Devil.  Check them out here:

You may have see that very clever Dirt Devil Broom Vac TV commercial recently.  Here's the real thing.

 Dirt Devil

Check the right sidebar for another wonder you may have seen on TV... the Dirt Devil Klone.

Perhaps you've never before seen a vacuum cleaner that is so beautiful you'll be proud to leave it in plain sight.  With the Klone, that's exactly what you can do!

Outside the House

Battery Care

Interstate Batteries

For many RVers, Interstate is the battery of choice for our vehicles.  Look here for a search box to help you find an Interstate dealer where you happen to be.



Tire Care

Bad Weather Driving Tips from Bridgestone Firestone

Bridgestone/Firestone has established a website, with valuable information about tires and tire safety. Read more

Overweight Vehicles and Under Inflated tires a growing problem

Overloading an RV, mini-bus, light truck, van or ambulance, or running on under-inflated tires, is not just hard on the vehicle, it could cause your tires to fail. Read more



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