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Is RVing For You?

Decide if RVing is right for you. Kids and family considerations. Is your area RV friendly? Do you have room to park an RV?

Brazos Bend CampsiteThe answers are different for each of us, and the reasons we make our decisions are different.

For many ideas that can help you decide, check the Menu at right for articles.






What's it All About, RVing?

To me, more than anything else, RVing is about freedom… freedom to go where I want to go, when I want to go, and do it in total comfort.

RVing FamilyNo longer am I at the mercy of hotel and airline flight schedules, flight delays, intrusive security checks, rude drivers, and dirty hotel rooms.

No longer do I have to carry the equivalent of my own weight across airports, just so I’ll have my computer, clean clothes, and other essentials, if my baggage gets lost.

No longer, when I reach my destination, do I open my baggage with great trepidation, wondering who has been riffling through my personal belongings, and what kinds of germs they left there.

I sleep in my own bed every night, and I don’t have to worry about what’s on the sheets.

Those are the little things.

The bigger things include the ease with which I can just hop in the RV and pull out on short notice. Where once I waited for a “real” vacation--once a year or so—I now can take a “mini” vacation on almost any weekend.

In this site, I'll talk more about these mini vacations, and give you hints and ideas about how to make your own weekends more fun and relaxing.
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